Yoga Classes : Free Yoga and Meditation Class

What: Half Hatha yoga (stretching) and half meditation with a touch of Eastern philosophy thrown in.


When: Every Thursday 7-8:30 PM


What to Bring: Yoga pad or blanket, comfortable clothing


Cost: Absolutely free of charge. All donations received will be given to the church for the use of the room


Teacher's background

I have been practicing yoga and meditation since the early 70s and spent 15 years in the Orient (India, Nepal, China, Japan, and Thailand) studying with a number of teachers. I also studied martial arts (Aikido, Karate and Thai kick-boxing) in Japan and Thailand. I moved to Eugene 3 years ago from Japan with my wife and 3 children.


Train yourself in the ideal of the lily, which blossoms in the mud and has to keep itself engaged in struggle for existence day in and day out, parrying, bracing, and fighting the shocks of muddy water and storms and squalls and sundry other vicissitudes of fortune, and yet it does not forget the moon above. It keeps its love for the moon constantly alive. It seems, however, but a most ordinary flower. There is nothing extraordinary about it. Still this most ordinary little flower has a romantic tie with the great moon. Similarly, you may be an ordinary creature -- you may have to pass your days in the ups and downs of your worldly existence - still do not forget that Supreme One. Keep desires inclined towards Him. Always keep yourselves merged in His thought. Go deep into the mood of that Infinite Love.

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